He's Been Gone From Here Almost a Year

Have you experienced the loss of a pet and the loss of a dear family member within days, 
or even hours, of each other?

When I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the wee hours of August 1, 2014, it was no 
surprise to me that Kate's father would be crossing with me nine hours later. 
When he lived on the earth, he really had no use for dogs. He didn't understand that 
I was a thinking, feeling being just like him. The moment that he crossed over, 
he became just like me! He recognized who I really was. He saw who he really was too. 
We met at the edge of the Rainbow and we walked over it together.

Sometimes it happens this way. None of us can do it alone. The moment we leave 
this world, God makes sure that we are not alone. Not ever.

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