Life Is A Highway

"...Our Master can see it all. If you drive down a long curvy road, you don't see the twists and turns until you are on top of them. But when you see things from a higher perspective you can see the whole road and the twists and the turns and the beginning and the end. In Heaven we can see where you are in relation to where you're going and we can make things happen at the intersections of life. We can create the right time and the right place and we can already see how it all ends. We can see the whole story of your life while you live it in little bits and pieces..."  

"Jack McAfghan: Return from Rainbow Bridge"


Book 8 Ready for Pre-Order!


I've been busy preparing my next book for publication and I'm happy to report that it's almost done! Scheduled for release June 21! 

My book is based on a true story that happened twenty years ago. I resurrected memories, poetry and journals to give me the backbone for a screenplay that has now become a novel. Seven lives intersect on the US/Mexico border, each impacting another's destiny. Walls are not always made of brick and mortar. Read the love stories and watch the walls of injustice, judgment and insecurity come tumbling down through the strength of the power of love.  

Available for Pre-Order for just 99 cents!  Click the link here to take you to Amazon Kindle (you don't need a Kindle to read the book, you just need the Kindle app on your tablet, phone or computer). You will automatically receive the book as soon as it is released! 

I truly look forward to your reviews and feedback once you've had a chance to read it. Reviews mean everything to me so please consider leaving one on Amazon if you enjoyed the book.   

Then! It's another Jack McAfghan book!  
Stay Tuned, Stay Safe and Thank You for following me!



The Walls Between Us - A Borderland Romance Coming Soon!

"Every seven years Francisco would burn his fields instead of reaping them. "Ash is full of nitrogen which makes the soil rich. It is worth losing the annual crop to allow the next six years to flourish," he would say. "We cannot keep taking from Mother Earth and not replenish her. There will be no minerals left if we keep using her without giving something back to her. It's like a husband who takes and takes from his wife, she will not stay very long!"

Chapter 1, The Walls Between Us Coming June 2020


A Walk In The Rain Turns into an Unexpected Date with Love

It's the anniversary of my crossing. Late this afternoon she went out in the pouring rain. She didn't really know why she went out there, but I think she heard my heart calling her heart. She doesn't always listen she's so busy hearing with her ears and thinking with her head. Humans have to pay attention to that feeling in their gut, in their heart, or they miss a lot. 

She went right to the place where we would sit after a long hike and overlook the wash below. If you've read our book, it's the same place where I sent her the lightning bolt and the hummingbird moth so long ago.  Today as she sat there she was talking with me, tears rolling, but not crying. I covered her with my "signature" goosebumps -- It's as close I can get to hugging her full body from behind. It is always the same. I always send her the same feeling. That's how she know's it's me. She was chilled by the rain, but her back was warm with my love. "I can feel you Jack. I know you're here with me." 

As she spoke to me, she thanked me for all I have done for her and for helping everyone who reads my story. It pleases us so much -- all of us at Rainbow Bridge-- to be able to help so many people work through their grief. Her words made me so happy that I sent a most beautiful amber light that lit up our wash like it was a flood light on a stage set. It was lightning, yes, but it lingered longer than a mere bolt. Like so many miracles from Rainbow Bridge, it can't really be described. As soon as the light came, the thunder rolled from one side of the wash to the other. It rolled long and deep. Then it rolled high above her as it traveled up over the nearby mesa. 

I know she knows the truth. I was the thunder. I was the lightning too. I knew she knew it was me because when she said, "Thank you. Thank you Jack," she was crying because she knew in her heart that it all was my response to her.  

...And the brave mourning dove who usually becomes uneasy with such things and flies away, she remained in the nearby tree and stayed for the whole show. 

So many things can happen when you pay attention... and when you rise to the call.

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