Dear Jack: I Was Told That Pets Don't Go To Heaven. Could This Be True?

Dear Jack, 
I'm so sorry to bother you during your holiday but I'm heart broken. I've just been told pets don't go to heaven because they are all liars and deceivers. Your book still hasn't arrived yet and I'm desperate for evidence that this isn't true. 
I Feel Like A Pest 

Dear You Are Not A Pest, 
You are the second person this morning to ask this question. There are many people who claim to be "religious" but who do not even seem to believe in Heaven. I once posted a post on a God-Oriented Facebook page and the Admin called me a liar and a sinner. I was awestruck. Taken aback. Me with my pure heart that comes from a deep love and reverence for God, my true Master.  They even told me that Heaven does not exist! In their bible it is called "paradise." For them, heaven means something else altogether.

“Heaven: God. A state of being eternally in the presence of God after death. 
A place, state, or experience of supreme bliss.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and there are reasons that those with strong opinions have them. Their lives taught them what they now believe. Maybe their parents raised them with certain beliefs that are now ingrained in them. Blessed are they who know their own minds, live from the love in their hearts and do not condemn anyone for their personal beliefs. Indeed, it is tragic when someone who is trying valiantly to heal the grief over the loss of a pet, is told "Pets don't go to Heaven." If someone believes this, fine, but they should not hurt someone else by impressing their opinion onto the one who suffers, thereby making them suffer even more. You have experienced this firsthand. Sometimes "religion" causes a great deal of separation between people who would love and honor and respect each other if only they were not labeled and judged and condemned for their innocent beliefs in the name of religion. 

I don't know what "bible" they are reading, but if they would read most versions they would know that Ecclesiastes talks about all animals and creatures going to heaven/afterlife, yes perhaps called paradise.  Even St. Francis of Assisi (a SAINT who is most well respected and honored) spent his whole life caring for the animals and helping them across the bridge when it was time to go.

You will read about all of this in my book. In the meantime, you must be vigilant about your response to someone who is expressing their opinions to you. Do not take their opinions to heart.  Make yourself so strong that you have your own healthy opinion and faith and let no one shake you from it. My book will help you with this too. If you have a bible handy, read some Ecclesiastes while you are waiting for me to come into you postal box.

Love, Jack 🐾


Do Dogs Go To Heaven? Part II

Dear Jack, 
You have said that all dogs go to Heaven. You've also said that cats go to Heaven. Can you accept that all animals live in eternal Paradise? What about insects? Moths, butterflies, crickets, dreaded mosquitoes, ticks, fleas? Eeeeeeeek.

Dear May, 

Remember the bible says: "The eyes are the windows to the soul." If it has eyes, it has a soul. That's as clear as any answer could be. 

Most insects have their own form of heaven. If you look at their eyes (like flies and bees also) you cannot see into them. They are not windows. But they have life force and all creatures have an energy that does not die. 

Here at Rainbow Bridge we have a garden here where all the dragonflies and butterflies live. We can go there anytime. We love having them here and that's why we created a special place for them here at Rainbow Bridge. In Heaven, whatever we want we can have. All we need to do it think about it and it comes to us. If we want those other insects around, all we have to do is think about them and they are there if we want them. They exist in another plane, but they exist nonetheless, transformed.

Keep in mind you may think that insects are creepy but each and every being, especially the insects have a purpose for being on the earth. Every single one gives and receives from the ecosystem called "earth." We all have a role, on earth and in Heaven and this is why we can never die.  

I know it's hard to keep believing when people around you who claim to be experts tell you otherwise, but you must believe. The experts who don't believe are not capable of this level of faith and love. You are. 



Dear Jack, 
So they don't evolve, grow spiritually, come back in a different form or have karmic debt? They just ARE?  

Dear May, 

They just are. 
I found it quite amusing one night about nine months after I crossed Rainbow Bridge Kate was sitting in the living room on her computer and a mosquito was flying around her; buzzing and dive bombing her. She wanted to swat it and get rid of it and then she asked herself, "What if it is Jack?"  Then she rationalized it out and figured if I could come back as a mosquito that she could actually help me by swatting me and I could come back as something else. That's not really how it works, but her mind came up with that. This is why she needed me to write the book.  lol.

Please read our previous blogpost for more information on pets going to Heaven. 


Holiday Bazaar and Book Signing

I had a wonderful day at the Sedona United Methodist Church.  I was invited to participate in their annual Christmas Bazaar and was happy to find that I had been given the prime table by the Christmas Tree.  It was a lovely day filled with seeing old friends, making new friends, selling some books and 2016 Jack McAfghan Wall Calendars.  

There was no charge for the event, but it did not take me long to agree to participate in singing the Christmas Cantata with the church choir this year.  What a wonderful way to spend the holidays, doing special things like this.  

Photo Credit: Sedona United Methodist Church


Can a Pet Determine When It's Time to Cross the Bridge?

Dear Jack, 
I was told that animals are able to determine the way and time they will pass from this world into the next. Could this be true? 

Dear Caroline,
Your pets know what's going on. They probably know even better than you do because they are very tuned in to Spirit, living in the moment and being hyper-alert to how they feel within themselves and the world around them.

When a pet lives a long life into older age or if a pet is sick and has time to process the illness and eventual outcome, no matter what the age, they have an element of control. They have control over the Where, the When and the How. Just like people do. It is not always the case when there is an accident or a sudden trauma. When trauma or sudden accident happens, there is a moment just prior to the impact when your pet leaves its body. So there is no pain at the end of life. Typically they never know what hit them and if they do, they have an "Aha" moment of realizing "This is it" and by the moment that thought finishes, they are already heading for Rainbow Bridge ....while the drama and human questions and suffering take place at the scene.  

Many people feel bad that they were not with their pet at the moment it passed, but this was because the pet did not want its Beloved to witness the final moments which would be imprinted on the memories of a chaotic mind and take away from the joy and pure love of the memories shared. In the case of narcotics and medication, pets are also a lot like people -- when they take a powerful medication, it reduces their awareness and their alertness. Like a person on morphine, they will simply slip into sleep and wake up at Rainbow Bridge. When they are medicated, the medicine often decides the when, the how and the where -- not the pet. We are not so different from people this way.  Also, like with people, there are exceptions.  If someone is in enough pain or discomfort, sometimes they would rather go to sleep. The comfort can be more important than the awareness in certain situations.  

If you read my book, you read about the process I went through when I became sick, when I declined, and when I crossed Rainbow Bridge. You read about how obedient I alway was, but at the end I did not want to take my medication. It wasn't just because it tasted awful (and it was awful!) but I did not want to be sedated. I wanted to be aware of my Beloved who was there by my side and I wanted to be fully present with her in my final hours and in my departure. Because I was present, I was able to write the book, with her good help, that explains all of this in detail. I was able to be fully present in my leaving her to cross the Bridge. Click here to see my book and read the reviews.  ("Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master"- available on Amazon and most other booksellers worldwide).

There is also the question of Euthanasia. Why do people find themselves responsible for making the dreaded decision to help their pet to cross the Rainbow Bridge?  There is always a reason. Sometimes the person needs to learn how to make a decision.... or they have lessons to learn from making the decision and living with it.  Putting a pet to sleep can wreak havoc on a person's feelings of guilt, shame and self-blame.  Life on earth (for a human, not for a pet) has to do with learning the lessons needed to LET GO of the guilt and shame and blame of life. Guilt and Shame and Blame are things the human mind created to make themselves or others feel bad. Guilt and Shame and Blame are not real and they do not exist at Rainbow Bridge or in a mind that is full of only LOVE. They only exist in a mind that is filled with fear. Us animals don't understand this, but we accept that it is part of life for you and we do our best to teach you love and forgiveness in the time we have together with you.  

Growth from learning is always built into the act of making a difficult decision such as this. Life on earth is the School and True Love is the Lesson and everything you go through on earth is designed to teach you and bring you closer to being the fully loving person you are in your heart and in your soul. This means loving others, but loving yourself as well. Your mind is not always your friend. Your heart always knows the right answer. Your heart knows everything. This is why we animals know what we know. We pay more attention to our hearts than our heads. We always did. Fear lives in the human mind. Love lives in the human heart. Love is always more powerful than fear. We know this. This is why we live in the power of love. Love directs our course, not fear. Love is more powerful than anything else. Love is what lives on, long after we have crossed the Bridge. 

It takes time but if you ultimately learn to live in the moment, can be loving and forgiving of yourself -- the way we taught you to love unconditionally -- you will move forward, grow into a New You, a New Normal, and you will be stronger and more loving than ever.  This is what we are eagerly waiting for! We are watching and waiting -- and celebrating when we see that you have healed and have learned to live your life in love the way that we always did.

We are here at Rainbow Bridge. We love you and we are waiting for you to love yourself and embrace life again. You. You will determine the How and the When and the Where of your healing. You don't feel like you have control over it, but you do. Some day -- if you are fortunate to live to a ripe old age, you will see what I am talking about. You will see you have a part in the decision and an element of control in the dying process.  And when you decide it's your time to go, we'll be waiting for you here. After you've learned all the lessons you need to know to come here.  

Thank you for writing. I hope this helps.  



When It's Our Time to Cross, Who Do You Run to First?

Dear Jack, 

When it's time for you to greet your family, do you go to the first ones or to the ones that rescued you and loved you till you went over the Rainbow Bridge?  I know it sounds crazy but I have asked a few people and no one gives an answer. All of them say, Don't worry about it. But don't you see... the rescued babies have two sets of parents. 
Thank you for listening. 


Dear Marie, 

It doesn't sound crazy at all. Thank you for asking this. 

We tend to gravitate to the ones whose love for us is the strongest. Think of love as a magnet: the stronger the love, the more powerful the force of connection. The magnet of love binds us together between life and afterlife and the same magnet draws us together when you cross the bridge. We are always together and we can never lose each other. 

Please realize that it is very rare for those we love to come over Rainbow Bridge at the same time. However, if you can imagine a group of friends coming to your house to visit and I was there to welcome them, I would greet everyone.... but there would be someone I would greet more enthusiastically than the others. That would be you. ♥
This kind of love never dies. 
That said, when we get to Heaven, (no matter who we are) we are All of us Love, so all those we have ever been connected to will be together there. In Love. You will find that there are no judgments. Even people you thought you hated upon the earth, you will see them and throw open your arms and celebrate seeing them again! You will understand clearly how all of life unfolded, the good reasons things happened as they did... and you will see that All Is Well. ♡
All Is Love Here


Every Pet Brings New Lessons to Learn

It is a strange dis-ease, when you get another pet while grieving the last one. The ease of being with the one you loved and were so familiar with, combined with the new challenges of training and getting to know the new one can be complex. Your previous pet taught you how to love even more than you ever did before, so please honor them by using what we have taught you... to love again. 
There are many many pets who have been rescued -- or are not rescued yet but need to be -- who are just waiting to be loved. 
You will find that if you take the chance again, they ultimately help you to learn to love again, this time in a different way. 


If The Fates Allow: How Do I Get Through The Holidays?

Dear Jack, 
As Christmas draws near, I find myself terrified of listening to old songs or following normal traditions like putting up the tree and even buying presents. I seem ok to my family and friends because I still pretend that I'm ok. I want to do these things, but at the same time, I'm terrified of all they will remind me of. Baby Gus was always the happiest when we did these things. We now have a new furry angel in our lives but I still miss Gus so much. How do I get through the holidays without breaking down into a million pieces?

Dear Marcy, 
I normally suggest that you Stay In Your Truth most of the time. However, if you have to pretend a bit to get through the holiday upcoming, you have to pretend.  It can actually help to "Fake It Till You Make It". Going through the motions is far better for healing than not facing the reality of life at all. 

Even Kate flew from NY to AZ on Christmas Day just so she wouldn't have to be at home with family "celebrating" the joy of the season, four months after my crossing the Bridge. She did not feel joy at the time. It was easier for her to be sitting on a plane with strangers and changing planes in airports than doing what she'd normally do with family and friends. She was fairly successful at dealing with it.

She had a silver paw print pendant that she carried with her. It hung on a chain over her heart. When things got tough, she took it out, held it and rubbed it like a comfort stone. Sometimes having something subtle and tangible helps defer the anxiety and nervous energy. It's okay to talk about it too, but not too much to those who don't understand or they start to think about committing you to an institution after the holiday is over! Lol. It can also be quite handy to excuse oneself and go to bed early. That's okay to a point. Balance is the key. Balance the holi-day and balance as you move forward to the next anniversary without your friend. Balance is the key to all healing. Time will take care of the rest.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This year Kate is creating something new. A new holiday tradition with me in mind. Something she will do forever from this point on. Creating new traditions is a very good way to move forward and to honor us at the same time.  She always wanted a Nativity Set. She is going to buy one for herself, gifting it: "To Kate From Jack". Even now she is trying to figure out where to get a tiny "Jack" figurine to put in the barn with Baby Jesus!  (I don't know if she'll find a figurine, but just putting me in the picture above made her laugh--- and that's a good thing!  Whatever makes you laugh or smile, just DO THAT.) 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Just try to keep it positive. Keep moving forward. Try to find some kind of joy in the season, even if you have to put a gift under the tree from "me".  



Dear Jack: I Didn't Get To Say GoodBye

Abby (R) and Clyde (L)
Dear Jack, 
I am missing my sweet Clyde today. It has been almost 5 months since he crossed over Rainbow Bridge. There isn't a day that goes by where somewhere in the stillness I will think of Clyde and feel like he should still be here with me.

3 y.o. SofiaBella says, "He didn't die. He's in Heaven."
The last couple of years I feel he was here on borrowed time. He had cardiomyopathy and I know he had struggled every day.
With heart medication, acupuncture and lots of love I am thankful we had the extra time with him. The day I took him to the vet because he was getting sick I never imagined he would have to have surgery the next day to remove his spleen and a kidney due to a rare form of cancer. He actually survived the surgery. Upon waking from the anesthesia he went into cardiac arrest. My vet tried CPR.... For 45 minutes. I just worry that he wondered where I was? I worry that he felt I left him. I didn't get to say goodbye.

Dear Clyde, 
I love you and miss you and I will remember you all the days of my life until we meet again my friend.❤

Dear Dianne,
Your Clyde is an amazing soul.  Humans come to earth to Learn To Love and us dogs come to earth to Be Loved. Clyde says no one on earth could have loved him more than you did. When he was sick, you were there for him. You made him more important than many of the other details that humans tend to focus on. You both needed to go through Borrowed Time to learn what you learned. To love on Borrowed Time is bittersweet. Your heart grew and grew and grew while the two of you went through all the creative treatments. You both learned so much from all of it!  Mostly you learned how much you loved one another.  

What Clyde especially wants me to explain to you is that when he was under anesthesia the day of surgery, that was  when the angels were communicating with him. You know how we say that dreams are real and that life is illusion?  He was in a dream while he was in surgery. He visited Rainbow Bridge. I met him that day. We all embraced him and told him what to expect. He seemed very comfortable with it and was eager to come to be with us. When he woke up, he immediately remembered the Plan. He knew that he had to come to Rainbow Bridge. The moment he woke up he knew this and that is why his heart seized. He was being called and he knew he had to leave. 

It's So Beautiful Here
It is quite a dynamic for us when we realize that we are going to Rainbow Bridge, yet at the same time we are leaving the world of the one we have loved most of all. This is why we have to come back to see you. We have to be with you because we still love you very much. You would not believe how often I visit Kate and how often Clyde visits you!  He knows your thoughts, he is glad you didn’t get to say Goodbye because it’s not goodbye at all.  


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I grieved heavily for six months after my dog Jack crossed Rainbow Bridge. One night I picked up my pen and pad and I wrote and wrote and wrote! I wrote his words, not mine. His words held the key to my own healing and I could not keep it to myself. I now share Jack with everyone who wants to heal from their grief. He will help you, like he helped me. Don't be afraid. He is with you every step of the way. (in the U.S. and available on Amazon worldwide)

The Only Way to Fail When You Have Loved a Pet

Grady and I were walking one rainy evening up one of the main streets in our town... just off the Main Street.  As we reached the place we usually crossed to take the road to the village school, a moment was captured in time. If only we could turn it back and rewind. 

Grady and I waited at the edge of the street. As we were looking both ways before crossing, we heard a voice across the street call, "Widgie!" Widgie!"  The woman was calling for her dog; a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. The dog was running towards the street. Fast. Towards us. It had seen Grady and I guess it was rushing out to say hello to her.  It had no clue that a car was coming from Main Street. The car was not going fast; perhaps 25 mph. The roads were slippery from the rain. The dog kept running. It all seemed in slow motion. I can count on one hand how many times I have screamed in my life, but deep out of my gut came a loud involuntary scream. The collision was inevitable.

After the impact, the dog picked itself off the road and dragged itself into the nearby bushes.  We ran over, as did the owners, and we were with it until it lay lifeless... it just took a few moments. I thought it was interesting at the time that as soon as Widgie's spirit left, Grady turned and was ready to leave too. She knew his spirit had left his body, while Widgie's family clung to him and draped themselves over him crying --- like most humans do when the final moment comes. 

There was something about the incident. I felt responsible. Jack says in his book, if he could have any wish, he would always be in the right place at the right time.  I couldn't help but think If Only! If only Grady and I hadn't been walking at that time at that place! If only we had gone the other way towards the park instead of this way towards the school.  I felt to blame.  

I took a bouquet of flowers to the people the next day. They were very appreciative. With tear-filled eyes they told me "We should have gone through obedience training; then he would have come when we called."  "We should have built a fence; he never would have been near the street."  Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. We all do it.  The following week they were building a stockade fence. A few months later they had another dog, a Bernese also, and they were getting ready to start Obedience Training classes.  They had learned the important lesson that the loving Widgie had come to teach. 

We can get stuck on the guilt forever if we allow it to take over our minds.  Or we can learn from it and do better next time. This is what life is all about. Life is the school, love is the lesson.  We learn from every pet that comes to us what to do next time.  Eventually, if we have enough "teachers" and we are willing to learn from our circumstances, we will get it right. It will come as second nature. 

Widgie crossed Rainbow Bridge satisfied, knowing that he had fulfilled his promise. Like all other pets, he came into this life to teach. His loving "students" learned from the love of him...and the loss of him.  This is why pets don't live so long. We need enough sessions with them to get it right.  They live just long enough for us to live our lives with them and get it right.  It's all by Design and so are the circumstances.  I learned too. That's why I'm here on this blog and that's why I wrote "Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master", to share what I've learned from Jack and from Grady. And from Widgie.

It's not our fault, it's just life.  We only fail if we fail to learn.


A Message from Kate: The One Year Mark

My Dad passed within hours of Jack -- we will never know exactly when. I called him at 9 a.m. and at 11 a.m. and then I called the apartment manager to check on him. The police came to my door to let me know at 3 p.m. It was 12 hours between Jack's passing and the realization that my Dad was gone too.

You cannot separate grief. Grief is grief however you look at it. It does get complicated, however, when you think maybe you should have had a Facebook group named for your Dad instead of for your dog! But anyone who knows me says "Jack is the one who was always there for you, Kate. He was the one who loved you unconditionally - in a way that your human family cannot." Ultimately Jack was there for Dad too, on that first day away from this earth. Maybe my Dad finally learned the value of a dog. No doubt he needed Jack to help him find his way across the chasm -- perhaps even holding the curl of Jack's golden tail, as I had done so often in the dark, as they walked over the bridge together.

Sometimes it doesn't seem like it gets better with time. That's because when we first "lose" someone we love, we are in shock. Then time passes. The shock wears off and THEN we FEEL. OMG! What?! They say Time Heals but at first Time only seems to make us FEEL! It makes us FEEL BAD! But it's really just a crazy phase. It's a process. Once we get through that hurdle, there are some bumps in the road, but we do get better and better as we travel it.

Typical Stages - Not Everyone is the Same

Right about the time we begin to feel better, we bring the damper down upon it. Our joy is smothered by our perceived guilt and our self-blame. We do it to ourselves. Guilt is an illusion, created by man to have a weapon of control and emotional manipulation. It's the human condition. Guilt is an illusion. Guilt leads us to believe that someone else is ultimately responsible for our happiness. That is not true. It is not real. Yet we treat it like it has power over us. 

At Rainbow Bridge, all that matters is love. All that exists is love. Our pets, when they were here beside us on earth, all they knew was love. Love is what they came here to teach us; not guilt and shame. 

When you find the joy again or when something makes you smile, put your hands upon your heart and HOLD IT there! The heart is where the ones we have loved still live and they will help us to be happy again. By keeping ourselves happy, we keep them happy too. 
Keep the focus on the strength and power of the heart. 


Paris: And They Call the Terror-ists "Animals"

The death toll in the Paris massacre keeps rising.  How can people hurt people?  The media calls these terror-ists 'animals'.  They give them too much credit. Animals would never do this to each other. 

If you read my book you will find out that it is not all about death and dying and loss. It is about life and living and love. Someone said "I haven't read your book because I know how it ends."  There are many many chapters far ahead of what you call The End and there are many chapters that follow.  
The end is not the end!  The point of my book is that in every single chapter there is lesson to be learned. The chapters are short as they plant the seeds of love, compassion and faith through the entire book.  It is not about death, it is about life!

The more your learn about life and death and how we are all connected in this universe, the more you will know the importance of being forgiving, staying loving and thinking positive.  When you get caught up in the terror, the fear and the trepidation of events like last night's event in Paris, it puts more fear out into the world.  When you are able to remain calm, keeping a peaceful heart even when things around you are in turmoil, that peace will radiate out of you and circulate out into the world. 

Please keep loving and you will help to heal an aching world. 
Send your prayers and your love to France today.  


Can't You See ?

Gone from this dream that you call life,
Gone from the noise and the pain and the strife,
In Heaven's dimension I now make my home.
Meanwhile you seem to feel so alone.

Can't you see that it's me in the wind through the trees?
I'm the song of the sun and the hawk on the breeze.
I listen, I feel you, you think I am gone...
Oh can't you see you are never alone?
Can't you see...

Rainbows and feathers and all things that fly,
Songs on the radio, clouds in the sky;
I come in vibration or in through a dream.
If only you'd see things are not what they seem.

Can't you see that it's me in the spark of twilight?
Can't you hear it's my voice in the crickets at night?
My love surrounds you in all that you do.
Wherever you go I am right beside you
Can't you see?

In the sunlight, the moonlight, the starlight...
You see, I'm waiting for you to recognize me
Can't you see?
Like the sun is at night, I'm just Gone From Your Sight
Can't you see? 

Lyrics by Jack McAfghan
Music by Kate McGahan  

Click HERE to sing along with our YouTube Video.

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