Brain Washed

How did that stuff get into your head?
What makes you think you'd be better of dead?
Those thoughts can destroy,
They can kill they can maim.
Why not take them
And warm them with flame
Of more positive things!
Form follows thought.
Your intentions have wings
Which carry your life to the very same things
That fill up your head.
You think you've no choice,
Like you've been taken captive;
You obey the voice
Which over and over says things to you.
It relentlessly chatters!
Sometimes it will spew!
It's goal to disarm you of thoughts pure and true.
It makes you a victim;
you get stuck in it's glue!

c. 2005 - Kate McGahan

Heyokah - Coyote

Rarely seen in the light of day

You move between

The worlds of dark And light.

Transitional Trickster:

Divine mischief maker!

Lead us through darkness

To teach us of light.

Shine on the dark side

And walk with us

But only so far

Till our path becomes clear;

And we turn

You are gone;

Into life's chasm

Between Heaven

And Earth

Only to return

At the fork in the road

To ensure

We don't go back the same path

That brought us here.

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