Dog Mats: The Smallest Things Can Become the Biggest

Today I am picking the mats out of Immy and Joey - each one a mess of tangled hair within the soft silken strands. My fingers press and pull and eventually somewhere within each knotted tangled mess is a shred of grass, a weed or a tiny piece of debris.  

There is a reason for everything and sometimes when something in your life brings chaos, discomfort, confusion... when all around you everything else seems to be okay on the surface, look closer at yourself for there you will find a shard of something deep inside the fiber of your life that is the root cause. Something that may have been a tiny little thing years ago grew bigger and bigger because it wasn't addressed at an earlier time.  Sometimes you find it and you go to pull it out and find is much larger than you thought - as you pull and pull and pull it out inch by inch by inch.  The longer that mat has been in there, the harder it will be to separate it from the fur.  

You may need to cut it out along with all the undamaged beautiful hair all around it when, if you'd only taken care of it when you first noticed it, it would have been a much easier process. 

You can see at this point in this post where this is leading. We have many things in our lives that wreak havoc in our beings:  early insults or injuries that we parked someplace in our body, deep within our being, thinking that if we hide them away far enough in a dark enough place that they will never be found - never be felt. But they live deeply within us beneath the layers and layers of our years and our growth. 

We must revisit them, extract them and let them go so that we can grow healthy and more beautiful without them. As long as they are lodged in our being, they are vulnerabilities.  Once we address them and let them go -- comb out the beauty of our soul, of our being - they are lessons learned.  Don't be afraid to dig in deep to find the messiness. Clear it out and let it go. You will feel stronger and be more beautiful as you face the days ahead. 

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