Timing Is Everything

She couldn't go to Montana because she had to finish writing my book. She told herself, "When I'm done with Jack's book, I'll go to Montana and get that girl. I'll go get Miss Green Collar." 

Several weeks passed and the day ultimately arrived when she learned that someone else had bought Dark Green Collar. She was surprised at her strong reaction. She didn't even possess Dark Green Collar and yet she cried as if she had lost her. The power of her emotions surprised her, but I know why she cried like that. She cried because she wasn't finished grieving the loss of me. When someone has an exaggerated emotional reaction to something in the present, it's usually because they haven't resolved something in their past.

Kate simply wasn't ready for another dog. She had to work through her grief... and she needed to finish my book!  Meanwhile Dark Green's two sisters, Red Collar and Blue Collar, were still available as well as an older boy. She mulled this over in the days to come.

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Kate finished the book on May 1st and a week later she was on the road with little Joey, our terrier mix, off to visit Shining Mountain Afghans. It was a 20+ hour road trip each way.

I went right along with them to Montana, but it's funny she didn't seem to be looking for me as much there. She was thinking about Dark Green Collar. She was growing. She was finally moving forward. It was a lot more fun for me to be with her when she was this way.

Here's Joey all packed up aboard the Enterprise Rental Car Starship, Headed for Montana
She was very disappointed to learn that Miss Red Collar and Miss Blue Collar were gone by the time she got there. All of the girls were gone, after ten months of not being claimed.  She was very disappointed.  

"Why. Why did I come all this way?" 

I knew why.  

She didn't know it yet, but God and I, well, we had another plan for her. 

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