Destiny Plays Itself Out

She loved Immy in an instant. Immy was small, calm and beautiful. Knowing the situation, I knew that the breeder had not been willing to relinquish Immy until this very moment.  He wasn't supposed to. It was part of The Plan. Had this played out any differently, Kate would not have made the choices she made leading up to this point. I think she might have taken Georgie home.  Or then again she might not have. 

I waste no time on What Would Have Been because what happened was what was Meant To Be. Most things in life are meant to be. It needed to play out this way because I was assigned to this mission long before Kate even started looking at dogs. I needed to help her to heal and I needed to help her to find her next friend. The best friend for her to learn the lessons that she would need to move forward towards becoming all that she can be. 


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