A New Year



It’s New Year’s Eve… 

I’m waiting your arrival

To ring in the new year. 


We dated years ago and

Despite our differences

I loved you so.


Parting as the best of friends

We still get together

On Saturday nights

And Sunday afternoons

And New Year’s Eves 

When there’s no one involved 

With you and me. 


Sometimes I think, maybe?

Maybe we could love again?

Maybe it would work this time?


It’s New Year’s Eve

The call comes in:

You won’t be coming after all. 


It’s New Year’s Eve.

I understand. 

Nothing’s New.

From "One Heart's Journey: Lyrics of an Imperfect Life"

Available on

We Hear You Wherever You Are, Wherever We Are


Book 5, "Letters from Rainbow Bridge"
The Jack McAfghan Pet Loss Series
A Dog's Memoirs on Life and the Afterlife
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