Will Anyone Go Home With Kate and Joey?

While the girls hung out in the shade of the trucks, Kate and Joey went into the yard with Brian to meet the boys. Oh it was so much fun! So many beautiful high energy dogs. We met each and every one of them and they were each beautiful in their own way.

It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but one arrow points to Georgie and the other points to Immy. They are (ironically?) standing very close together on opposite sides of the fence. They were meant to be. Immy was supposed to be there to get Kate's attention. Kate was supposed to pick Immy instead. But Kate didn't even notice Immy.  

"This is Georgie." said Brian, introducing them. 
No. I kept saying. Not him. Not Georgie.  I said it the same way I said  No, not him about my brother when she came to the puppy mill to take one of us home. You don't want him. Look around. 

There's someone else who wants you.

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