The End of This Life is Not the End of Life

When you are grieving, you cannot really learn anything new until your mind and heart are healed and open to new information. 

In my next book Jack shares his usual wisdom and inspiration as he helps the reader to walk through the five stages of grief. Then he reveals what life is like on the other side of Rainbow Bridge. Full of love and miracles, his story will tell you how his Master in Heaven allows him the free will to make some very important choices, such as the one to return to earth to love again and be loved again.  

We also share the story of how we found Joey, Jack's little terrier brother, and how Jack was able to choreograph the adoption of Immy, the Afghan Hound who would come to be adopted into the space that Jack left behind. 

Join us as we learn together the power of love and faith. This is our story, it is your story. It is the story of life, love and renewal. Come! Be our friend as we travel this journey together to Rainbow Bridge and back again.


The end of this life is not the end of life. 

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The Jack McAfghan Trilogy by Kate McGahan


A LIfetime of "Fodder" Quickly Turning Into Books


I have recently consolidated three laptop computers, three smartphones, one cell phone and five notebooks 
...all filled with 100's of ideas for stories.
They are breathing down my neck now, those stories. 
They want to be written NOW and turned loose! 
It will keep me busy for the rest of my life.  

Currently I am working on the sequel to "Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master"
Scheduled for release in October. 

Don't Go Getting Ideas: You Have to Walk Your Walk

"Why," you cry, "WHY? Why can't I come with you? I want to be there with you now!" So many people ask this of us. There is only one answer:

The Number One thing you need to remember is that depression and despair are part of the grief process. Even though you feel the pain will never end, it is temporary. With time and support, and reading my book "Reflections on Life with my Master" you will be guided out the other side of grief. Even though you will still miss us, you will not feel the intense pain you are feeling right now. If you try to come here sooner than you are supposed to, you will disrupt The Divine Plan. Do not interfere with it. Your arrival here is predestined, just as ours was. 

You can only cross the Rainbow Bridge when you have learned all the lessons you needed to learn in life on earth. The longer you live, the more you learn how to love. When you have learned to love (and be loved) enough, you will be granted admission. 

You are doing great. Keep going with the flow with the knowledge that we are watching you, loving you and waiting for you.

Love, Jack 🐾


Try to Go With the Flow

Hi, Jack here!  
I remember spending some weekends at the river. We'd hang out on the edge with our feet in the water. Quite often someone in an inner tube would come along or a colorful kayak would glide by. We'd all say "Hi!" and "Hello!"; the ones on the shore and the ones in the water. We might all have a moment to chat as they floated by --depending on the strength of the river's current -- but all too soon we were all saying "Goodbye!"  My tail would be wagging as they arrived and it would still be wagging as they had left. I was just always so happy to see everbody! Whether they coming or whether they were going!

It's kind of like life. We come and we go. It's a constant ebb and flow. 

Embrace the moment. Embrace everyone who comes your way, then be willing to let them go when it's time to say goodbye, thankful for the gift of knowing them.  

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