Advice to a Young Wife from an Old Mistress

One of the best books of all time. It's what real romance is all about. 

p 8 Until one claims the native right of going out on one's own irreparable limb, full-scale maturity is not attained, no matter how well one functions in other respects.

p 9 One does not apologize for self-discovery.

p 18 Adventure is as needful to the real life of the spirit as food is to the body. ...Men must be bold or die inside.

Every man worth his salt wants to get there on his own volition.

p 53 We love most those who make us fulfill whatever greatness lies in us, not those who induce us to resign it.

p 90 The true professional gives everything, his very existence, and what he gets in return is nothing less than himself.

p 92 Perhaps the deepest obligation of life is to put off what is outgrown, even when it was true in its day and has served us well, and to achieve as much reality as we are individually capable of.

p 93 The ultimate call upon every man and woman is to put away childish things, one of which is having conditions arranged for us... Here one is, stuck with a self, and what shall be done with it from this point on, not how one arrived at it.

p 105 Only the picayune personality is terrified of being overwhelmed, while the larger spirit longs for it.

Advice to a Young Wife from an Old Mistress
By Michael Drury
c. 1996 Harper Publishers


Au Naturelle

Do you know when I love you the most?
When you are laughing so hard
That you can't stop.

That is when you are most yourself.
Free of inhibitions
And the driving force within
That makes you feel
The need to be perfect.

Now that I've told you,
Maybe I've taken away
Your freedom to do that

Excerpted from the book, "One Heart's Journey" 


FRANKLy Speaking

The strength of human will
Is stronger than anything
That can happen to it.

This phenomenon of nature holds true.
As the strongest winds blow
So the seedling is strengthened.

When I think of the wisdom and the resiliency
Of Victor Frankl at Auschwitz,
I am much better able to tolerate

The foul smelling woman
Who sits beside me
On the way to Penn Station.

Excerpted from the book, "One Heart's Journey" 

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