Can't You See ?

Gone from this dream that you call life,
Gone from the noise and the pain and the strife,
In Heaven's dimension I now make my home.
Meanwhile you seem to feel so alone.

Can't you see that it's me in the wind through the trees?
I'm the song of the sun and the hawk on the breeze.
I listen, I feel you, you think I am gone...
Oh can't you see you are never alone?
Can't you see...

Rainbows and feathers and all things that fly,
Songs on the radio, clouds in the sky;
I come in vibration or in through a dream.
If only you'd see things are not what they seem.

Can't you see that it's me in the spark of twilight?
Can't you hear it's my voice in the crickets at night?
My love surrounds you in all that you do.
Wherever you go I am right beside you
Can't you see?

In the sunlight, the moonlight, the starlight...
You see, I'm waiting for you to recognize me
Can't you see?
Like the sun is at night, I'm just Gone From Your Sight
Can't you see? 

Lyrics by Jack McAfghan
Music by Kate McGahan  

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