We Teach you to Love. We Prepare You for Another Pet. If You Want One.

It's a roller coaster ride. You fight with yourselves. "Should I get another pet? ...When should I get one? ... What kind should it be? ...Should I buy one or rescue one? ... Is it too soon? ...Maybe I can find my old pet,reincarnated! ...Maybe I shouldn't get another pet at all, I am so tired and weary and sad with grief..." 

Then you do it. You pick out another pet to fill the space I left behind ... and some of you experience a form of Buyer's Remorse. Once you've invested in the new pet you start to question everything. It can be very complicated because you can get mad at yourself for doing it too soon and then you hold your new pet accountable. You blame them when it isn't their fault at all. You make the mistake of comparing them with me when you must know that the new one will never take my place -- in your lives or in your hearts. It isn't supposed to. It is here to teach you different lessons than the ones I taught you. It's here to teach you a different kind of love.  

Don't you see? It's supposed to be this way. Relationships are assignments and when they end you are forced to graduate and move on to learn new lessons. But's it's hard. Kate used to cry when she looked at Immy (they got her 9 months after I passed) as if to say: 'Why can't you be more like Jack?'  Immy isn't Jack. She'll never be Jack. No one should expect Immy to be something she isn't. I taught you unconditional love and acceptance for a reason. 

It's all part of the learning -- to love again anew. Without judgment. Without comparison. It will be much easier when you have further healed from your grief. In the meantime, keep pushing through to the love and one day you'll find you love again -- but never ever the same way you did before. You may find that you are capable of loving even more than you ever dreamed. I say this because it was my task to come to earth to teach you love so that you could stretch and grow and become more than you ever were before.  

If you don't have a new pet yet, don't fret about it. If you are meant to have another, it will come into your life. You won't have to jump through hoops to find it. You will be inspired and the right one will come in one way or another. 

If you do have a new pet, take good care of the one who has come into your life. The one who trusts you for care and love. Be aware that quite possibly your old pet is their Guardian Angel and you don't want to make it difficult for them to watch your pain or your lack of acceptance. We often come into your life to help the new one, because we are looking for any excuse to be as near to you as possible. So when you are caring for them, you are partnering with us. We can do this together. Tears are okay as long as you are moving forward.  We love and support you in your decision. Hang in there.

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