Oh Ye of Little Faith.... Yes, Even You Kate

I haven't sent her a sign in awhile. 
Last night she put her hands on her heart and asked me to come to her. She thought that it would be in the form of a dream, but she woke up and there had been no dream. I had something else in mind. 

She took Immy and Joey out to the trail as she does each morning and as they approached she saw a small tuft of blonde hair in the middle of the trail. "Hmm." She figured it must be Immy's or Joey's from the walk the night before, but I had left her a love letter on the trail. It was my hair in the shape of a heart. 

Even she didn't believe it at first, but she took a picture of it anyway. On the way back she found that it had been trampled into an "S" shape. She picked it up and held it next to Immy's fur and it was much blonder. She held it next to Joey's fur and it was much coarser. It had little glints of shine in it, like my hair had. 

It may sound crazy, but WHEN YOU HAVE NO LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR SOMETHING, THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE. Magic can happen when you live on the other side of Rainbow Bridge. We do whatever it takes to prove to you that we are still with you. 

She took it home and planted it in the soil of her ficus tree.

That's not the end of the story. When she put my hair in the planter that held the tree, she stopped and looked at the tree. She realized she had not really paid attention to the tree even though she had watered and fed it regularly. Many years ago when someone gave it to her, she tied its many trunks together with landscaping ribbon so that it would stand tall and straight.  She looked at that ribbon today; the ribbon that had been holding the tree together and realized that it was binding it tight. Almost suffocating it. She got her shears and cut the ribbon and the tree stayed bound and tight. We do that for awhile when we do something long enough. We stay bound even when we are set free. It stood there like a petrified soldier.  

She gently pulled the branches apart bit by bit. The breeze was blowing in from the nearby doorway and it blew the leaves that had been compressed inside the tree, inside the branches that he been held so tight. The dead leaves that had been trapped fell all around the floor. The tree was open and breathing for the first time in years.  She looked at the tree with amazement. She was so happy to see it so open and free. 

She will be feeling better soon too because we are ALL connected. All beings. Me with her and her with me and me and her with that tree. She will be feeling better soon too!  Open and free.  There are so many reasons we come to you. You cannot even begin to imagine how we do what we do and why. 

Look around you and your environment and see what it says about you.  

You see I knew she'd share this story with you and that maybe you will feel better soon too. 

Love, Jack 🐾

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