Try to Go With the Flow

Hi, Jack here!  
I remember spending some weekends at the river. We'd hang out on the edge with our feet in the water. Quite often someone in an inner tube would come along or a colorful kayak would glide by. We'd all say "Hi!" and "Hello!"; the ones on the shore and the ones in the water. We might all have a moment to chat as they floated by --depending on the strength of the river's current -- but all too soon we were all saying "Goodbye!"  My tail would be wagging as they arrived and it would still be wagging as they had left. I was just always so happy to see everbody! Whether they coming or whether they were going!

It's kind of like life. We come and we go. It's a constant ebb and flow. 

Embrace the moment. Embrace everyone who comes your way, then be willing to let them go when it's time to say goodbye, thankful for the gift of knowing them.  

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