The Wall of Fear

Dear Jack, 
I'm really struggling with not having his physical presence with me. I just miss everything about him! The grief process seems to change for me every day, after the initial three-week blur of intense tears. I've read a lot about animal afterlife and just wish I knew that he was okay. Two weeks after he passed I had an intense and overwhelming feeling that he was scared and that I wasn't there to protect him. I've asked for signs etc; I haven't dreamt of him, I wish I could see him again, even in a dream. 

Dear Sheryl,

He is not scared. He lives in Total Love where fear does not exist. If you feel he is scared, it is only because YOU are scared. Those we love are our mirrors and we see in them what we are. 

It is your Wall of Fear that blocks him from being able to reach you. Once you heal, the wall will come tumbling down and you will see him ...and you will see only LOVE. ♡

Don't worry. You'll get there. Try to stay in your heart and out of your head, because fear only exists in your mind. 

Jack 🐾

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