Am I Too Old for Another Dog? What if it Outlives Me?

Dear Jack, 
I wonder if you can address this issue sometime...I am 64 and don't want to risk getting another dog in case it would outlive me, plus am definitely not ready anyway. Thanks. Any feedback/ thoughts appreciated. 


Dear Melissa,  

Please don't let your age hold you back from loving and adopting again. You are still very young in the scheme of things -- for all you know, you could live to 100 and have time for three more dogs! Why deny yourself the love you would experience just because of your fears? 

Here are my recommendations:

(1) Have your plan in place (we all should, no matter what age we are) to have someone ready to care for the one you leave behind if you have to leave first. 

(2) Pick an appropriate breed with a reasonable activity level to match yours.  Get an older dog if it seems a good match.  

(3)  Of course don't get another pet until you feel ready. 

We have an 80 year old friend who recently adopted a 2 year old miniature poodle. They have quickly become best friends and they need each other so much! "Buddy" keeps her young! After losing her previous dog of 11 years, she glows again with life and love. And Buddy? He is beyond happy, after coming from a home that gave him up because they didn't know how to love him. 

Our elderly friend Geri was recovering from the loss of her little dog Domino. She read my book and decided not to wait too long to give a new dog a good life. This is Buddy from VJ Ranch rescue. He is her new dream come true.
Life is simply too short --and sometimes too long-- not to take another chance on love. If you give a pet ONE DAY OF LOVE that it never otherwise would have known, it would be worth it. 


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