South on California 395 - Mammoth Lakes

Our first stop was outside of June Lake at a National Forest Trail. It was a nice addendum to the Yosemite country.
Then we hopped back on Route 395 south, stopping at Mammoth Lakes to go to RITE AID (modern store, wow!) to buy toothpaste and gas. Prices go up as hwy 395 goes down!

This is the road into Convict Lake, named for an escaped convict who was captured by the posse in this area in the 1800's. The lake itself is only a few miles from the interstate, so it seemed like a logical detour. The temperature today is PERFECT up here -- 75-80 degrees. Why leave sooner than we need to?

Jack gets his feet wet.

It's a beautiful place and the big gray rock at the other side of the lake is one of the oldest rock formations in the Southwestern U.S.

We had a short four hour drive today --- with detours specifically designed to prolong going into Death Valley!

Onward to Death Valley. The hottest time of the day is passing... And Death Valley deserves a blog posting all of its own. Stay tuned!

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