Leaving Bend

This is Drake Park which is about 1/8 of a mile from the cottage. We have walked here every day. Click HERE to see the Parks and Recreation page for Bend. There are SOOOO many parks! And eight of them are doggie parks!

The other day we went to the dog park at the "Old Mill District". We mingled with the locals and it was FUN! Then we walked over to "Dog Beach" which is an area where the black labs and retrievers can go swimming and fetch the floating targets. She took me down there to see what I'd do since I've never really been near water before. I got right in there with the best of them! But only up to my torso! 
Below is a picture she took with her cell phone so the quality isn't very good, but it's evidence.
 There were six or seven black labs in the water -- and one long-haired blonde collie-afghan poodle!

Anyway - - it's our last day in Bend. We are taking the long way to Mount Shasta via Eugene and Medford OR. A special stop in Roseburg OR to drop off a resume (hey, you never know). We have enjoyed our days here and have learned our way around. It is a beautiful community and we have learned some interesting things about Oregon while here:

~Most people here are very courteous and "well-behaved". A realtor I met who has lived here for ten years made the comment "It would be nice if someone would just speed through town or something. It gets a little dull here."
~They may tend to be old-fashioned here, but they tend to be very liberal.
~There's no Sales Tax in Oregon!!
~They pump your gas for you -- it's state law (state law in New Jersey too by the way)
~It's state law to "Move Over or Slow Down When A Car Is On Shoulder of Highway" (in other words, it's required by law to be thoughtful and courteous if it doesn't come naturally to you!)
~There's a strict leash law in this part of Oregon. If we are caught off-leash in a public place it's a $375 fine.
~Gas stations have unisex bathrooms complete with automated faucets, soap and towel dispensers
Off we go! Six or so hours to Mount Shasta! We'll keep you posted!

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