Driven by Fate

It's not how I planned it. 
You seem to assume a certain accountability 
For my future, 
Yet I gave control of me to you
When I gave my heart to you.
You, who interrupted the course of my destiny, 
Taking me to places I didn't want to go. 

At first I am angered. 
Dare you involve yourself in a way 
That alters my life, my Fate! 

Then I think again. My heart softens just a bit. 
Could it be that you are part of a Plan; 
Part of the Divine Design of my life?

I've been a word-monger all my life and yet
I think now that FATE is part of the word FATAL
Because in my fate I died as I was. 
Died and reborn as someone else.

All because of you. 

c. 2018  Kate McGahan

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