🐾 Jack: On Electromagnetic Fields and Pet Health: What You Can't See Can Hurt Me

People and animals need a healthy environment to thrive in a long and vibrant life. I've noticed and experienced how you will often do everything in your power to create a life worth living for me. You feed me the best food, take me on long walks through nature, ensure my vaccinations are up to date, buy me healthy toys and treats, and love on me every chance you get.  If you work all day, you typically spoil me rotten when you return home. 

Do you know that there is something in our home environment that can be dangerous to me? Something you may not even notice because it has become so commonplace.  It's called an ElectroMagnetic Field(EMF). EMF's can't be avoided in modern life, but they can be minimized so that they don't take their toll on you... and on me. 

Electromagnetics All Around and Over and Under While I Try to Sleep
I notice how you carry your phone with you most of the time now. You carry it in your breast pocket. You strain your neck and your eyes to see whatever it is that is so important to you. Do you see me looking at you looking at your phone again? I look at you and then I look away. It makes me uncomfortable. I know it isn't good for you to be listening to it and looking at it all the time. I don't like it when you use the camera on it to take a picture of me because I am very sensitive to the energy of the phone to begin with and the flash really hurts my head and my eyes. I see you awaken in the middle of the night in our darkened room and ON goes the phone and it lights up the whole room. Don't you know that it is hurting you too? Your eyes, your head, your mind, your heart. 

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and getting a good night's sleep in a dark and quiet place is part of the healing plan.  It is important to give the brain a rest. It's like shutting your computer down and re-booting it when it has been on too long.  If you don't reboot, your brain slows down and when your brain slows down your ability to withstand stress and sickness slows down too. Our brains get a much-deserved rest when we are sleeping and perhaps even dreaming, but it is in these unconscious moments that we are most vulnerable to the negative energy around us because we can't protect ourselves. Negative energy can be other people's thoughts, but it is often caused by invisible environmental factors. Some people say their prayers each night because prayers can help protect us while we are helpless and exposed while we are sound asleep.   

Like most dogs, I am empathetic. I am more sensitive to the energy fields around us than you are.  Sometimes if I consistently don't want to go someplace with you, I am not being disobedient. It's just that I see something or feel something that is not good for us there. 

I can see how you are living your life and how the energy--for better or for worse--affects you. If it affects you, it affects me and because of my empathy I will literally take on your physical and emotional pain.  I am designed by God to protect you and I do it in ways you probably never even thought of before. 

All day long I am picking up on the energies around me. If they are happy energies, I gladly absorb them! If they are negative, I absorb them too. Because we are always connected, I can feel your energy when you are gone from me and I absorb it across the miles. If you are not happy at work today, I know it firsthand. I know it as well as you do. 

What can you do to help me?  Give me a good night's sleep every night in a room that is a healing space for you and for me. Give me an area to sleep in that is free of electromagnetic fields. Keep your phones and computers and other electronics out of our bedroom. You don't need to be working all the time; you work enough as it is! It can only help both of us. Turn the heat up in the house instead of using the electric blanket. That blanket is not good for you. Or me. Keep doing all the other things you are doing that are good for me.

Have your other pets suffered from similar medical issues? Look around you and minimize the risk factors. Save us from the list of chronic ailments that range from general immunity issues (you wonder why we are sick all the time?) to neurological problems to cancer. By helping me you help yourself too. By the way, our friends the cats are better equipped to handle negative energy than we are. When cats rub up against you, they are actually taking the negative energies from you that you have absorbed.  As a rule, cats are not as empathetic as dogs are, so they can Shake It Off easier than we can. They don't tend to absorb your pain like we do.  

Do us all a favor and try to keep the energy around us positive. Be happy. Keep things simple. When you are healthy, I am healthy.  It's always been this way. When you are happy, I am happy. 

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