Cecil The King: A Different Perspective

There is so much pain and unrest over this news about our friend Cecil.  The massive worldwide anger over this is not helpful. So many people are seeking a reason for the injustice of it and, understandably, revenge for the acts of a severely misguided and egotistical man.

For those of you who have been following Cecil, I want to let you know that he has joined us here in Heaven at last. He is healthy and whole and reunited once again with his soulmate. He is the most large and amazing presence! 

He tells us that he went courageously into the earthly life specifically to teach the world compassion and fairness. His death was brutal and uncalled for, but he suffers no more. Now he watches comfortably from the edge of the Rainbow to see the miracles that are happening because of him. We already see the awareness that has been raised and the love that springs forth from those who care for the animals. We watch this much like you watch a movie, except that we already know how it ends. heart emotico

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