Heart of the Storm of Depression

Another sleepless night, another weary day
Is upon me once again in my life of disarray.
I was told once "happiness is just a state of mind."
Oh that it could be so simple to leave my thoughts behind.

Imprisoned by my feelings of
Sadness, heartache, pain...
I begin to feel again
My life is lived in vain.

I try so hard to break the ties that bind me to this cell
But darkened shadows do entice me to remain and dwell
Within this prison while I see to find my way back home.
Homesick, yet I know not what direction I should roam

To find a place of comfort
Free of ghosts and shadows dark.
I'm on The Boat of Sadness
And I wish to disembark

But waves of melancholia
Don't permit me near the shore.
They try to drown me, tow me under,
As they have so oft before.

Now I"m learning to tread water
And to keep my head above
Because somewhere in my saddened heart
There's hope for light and love.

Caught in the heart of raging storm
I find strength to press on.
I'm now propelled towards land and shore;
Some of the weight is gone.

As I arrive a thought occurs to me:
I did not drown!
In fact the storm that brought me here
Seemed somehow to surround

Me with gentle force within the eye
Of cyclone, speed and storm.
That core within I now call "home"
Will keep me safe and warm.

And while this cycle will go on
I will find faith in what I've learned.
I'll never be adrift at sea
And ties that bind can now be burned.

From the book "One Heart's Journey"

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