Save The Trees

A tree drops its seed 
Which creates new life. 
Roots, a trunk and limbs of its own 
Then outstretched leaves 
Which fall in the fall, 
Decay and feed 
The roots and all 
Until one day 
It drops its seed 
And nature starts again. 
Man plants a seed 
On a lawn of grass 
To grow a tree 
For shade, for swing; 
To hide a view. 
It grows and grows 
And drops its leaves 
And man complains 
As he rakes them, bags them; 
Pays to have them hauled away 
In plastic on the curb. 
He waters, rakes, prunes and feeds 
(With chemicals of course) 
Then wonders in the later years 
Why the 'damned tree' 
Begins to die 
After all he's done. 

© 2016 Kate McGahan

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