A Ripple to Eternity

A ripple on a silent pond can reach eternity.  
The water becomes calm again but 
forever holds the memory.  

Butterfly wings across time, across space, 
the gentle vibration cannot be erased.  
The power of one, as small as those wings... 
Small as the red-throated hummer spinning 
eighty beats per second! 
Too small you say?  

Wait 'til the mosquito comes to your bed tonight 
and never again say you are too small!  
Yes, one can make a difference but wait!  
Put two sticks together and then try to break them!  
The effect of the butterfly wings ... 
only possible because it has two.  

And the power of many small loving hearts 
can swell like a tsunami wave, 
all because of 
one ripple 
on a silent pond.

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