Sonnet for the Tree Frog

I wrote this while lying awake in my bed at the Rosedon Inn in Hamilton Bermuda... 

Tree frogs, small as a fingernail
Filling the night with boisterous song;
With rhythmic cadence they tell their tale.
To some they are a noisy throng!

Paying attention to the way
They send their notes into the night
Finds them, by nature, propelled to play
Every melody as an orchestra might. 

One sets the beat, the others chime in
A metronome of predictable sound 
Of perfect harmony, timing and 
Like carousel music, goes 'round and 'round. 

Strength in numbers, harmony the goal, 
They simply sing out the song in their soul. 

Oh how we can learn from the animals!  
The Frog represents RENEWAL, CLEANSING and ultimate TRANSFORMATION.
What is the song your soul is singing? What are you yearning for? 
It's never too late to renew your perspective and discover it. 

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