Visions that Come at the End of Life

I'm still working in Healthcare where so many people are dying. I see it all the time. Today I sat with a dying man. His open eyes did not seem to see me. He was not unhappy. He was staring unwaveringly at that special place I've come to know where the wall meets the ceiling. I've seen it happen over and over again. The eye travels to the where the greatest light shines and to the creases of the room where everything comes together. The seams where walls meet ceiling. Doorways. Windows. These are the places, the portals, where the veil is pierced. The thin veil that separates Heaven and Earth. 

The man is more Where He Is Going than he is here now. He's preparing for his Passage. It is likely he'll be gone before my scheduled return on Friday. Was there light in those creases that I could not see? What was it that he was seeing there? 
Find out in Jack's next book, "Only Gone From Your Sight." We're working on the final edit. 💜

In the meantime you can find the Jack McAfghan Trilogy here:

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