Some Things Are Just Meant to Be

“Some souls come together just for a little while to teach each other something. It can be confusing because you can think you love someone at first sight and you assume that they are a soul mate. You think it’s supposed to last forever. You share the same dreams because when your mind is asleep, your souls travel to the same place so that you can be together. You think of them and they call within moments, because they are thinking of you too. 
The truth is that some soul mates stay just long enough to teach you what you need to learn. It can get a little complicated when you have the expectation that you’re supposed to live Happily Ever After with this person when they were designed to stay with you for just a little while. Our Master designs it this way so you can make the most of the relationship when you have it. We thought all soul mates were meant to be forever, when some soul mates are just meant to be” 

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