Mr Lizard was not really of this world. I don't know what that circular thing is out there. It was a moonless, dark night.
Early in the morning before dawn, I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Lizard had told me ahead of time what to expect and how to get there. He told me that there would be others crossing over with me--many others! He was right. He was my guide and he made my crossing much easier. I was more worried about Kate but he reassured me. "Don't worry," he said,  "I'll make sure she's okay before I leave." 

That afternoon Kate went out and he was there. She sat down on the bench that she had sat with him on when we found him in the house on the fireplace bricks. She talked with him like he was a person. She cried and cried. She thanked him for being there for us. "I know you understand," she said to him. "I don't know how I know but I know that you do."  

That night she went out to see him again but Mr. Lizard wasn't there. He had not moved from that place on the wall by the door for five whole days and now he was gone. He told me he would be leaving Friday night, but he didn't tell her. If he did, she didn't hear him. That night she left the front light on for him all night in case he came back.  She thought he might be drawn to the light for the bugs or for the warmth.  He didn't return that night and in the morning after a sleepless night she sadly turned off the light. 

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