I wasn't feeling too good one weekend.  Kate scheduled an appointment at the vet clinic the first day of the week.  As we were going out the door on the way to the clinic, sure enough, there he was.  He had come back!  Kate noticed him too. He was hanging on the wall near the light by the front door.  Kate said "Hey Mr. Lizard!  How are you? Where have you been all this time?"  Of course he didn't answer her, but he was communicating with me. He knew I was going to the vet and he wished me well. 

When we came back he was still there. It was fun to have him hang out. I sat at the front door and he sat above me by the light and we just were together. He commented on the change in weather; monsoons were coming. He was making plans for where he could stay, protected from the rushing waters that come to the southwest at this time of the year. I told him that he was welcome to stay here with us, hanging out under the eave under the light, but he said No, He couldn't stay with us for too long. He told me he had a job to do and that he had to go other places but that his place this particular week was with me, with us, at our house. He said today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday and that he would be staying until Friday night. I was glad he'd be here with us.  

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