Spring was approaching and we were starting to leave the windows and doors open to let the fresh warm are into the house. One day, I guess when we weren't paying attention, Mr. Lizard came right into our house.  He headed straight for the fireplace bricks where he scurried up with his sure-webbed feet and he just sat there like a decoration that you would buy in a southwest novelty shop.  He looked like he belonged there and I was happy to have him back. 

I hoped that Kate might let him stay here with us but when she saw him she said, "WHAT are YOU doing here?"  She was really nice about it but she said he had to stay outside where he belonged.  

She carefully pulled his webbed feet and hands off the cinder block, placed him in a pretty towel and carried him outside where they sat for a little while talking.  I don't know what they were talking about because I went out to the kitchen to finish my breakfast and drink some water. When I came back Kate was inside getting dressed for work and Mr. Lizard was still sitting on the towel on the bench outside where they were sitting.  

Kate went to work and Mr. Lizard stayed in the same place on that towel on the bench for many hours.  Then I guess he left but I knew that he would be back because he told me he would be.  He told me he would come back to see me in a few months.  I liked the thought that I was sure I would see him again. 

Even though I knew he was going back out into the predatory world with lots of risks to life and limb, I just had the feeling that he would be okay and that he would do as he said he would do.  

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