Settlement Proposed To Broaden Medicare Coverage

While this article is timely for political "points", the bottom line is that Medicare still only pays for "rehabilitative" or purely "skilled" services in a nursing home.  

Only a small percentage of people ultimately qualify for the full Medicare benefit (up to 120 days maximum).  It's true that a large number of people fall through the cracks -- and always have-- when they have a condition that could be stabilized by additional care and therapy.  The system is far from perfect.  I hope this doesn't trigger a class action lawsuit and deplete Medicare further!   

While it would be great if they could cover more bases in the program, I'm not sure if it is realistic right now.  In the meantime it is important to consult with a Geriatric Care Manager to implement any and all services that might be available to you -- under Medicare and otherwise.  

Many people qualify for additional Home Care services (PT, OT, Speech, Social Work and nursing) and they don't even know it.   

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