Grady: A Life Well LIved

Where It All Began - The Syracuse Pennysaver
It is only Destiny that makes things happen. Many phone calls, many dogs and puppies interviewed, many ads simply cast aside. This one was the one. It was love at first sight.

Grady was as integrated into our Bradley Street neighborhood as Kate was! It is really because of her that Kate had so many friends. It was because of Grady that Kate ultimately had the courage to move to Arizona. Funny how being loved so unconditionally -- even by a four-legged friend-- can give you the strength you need to meet life's challenges and transitions.

Grady's Final Day
It was a Very Good Life!

Spring, and the land lies fresh green beneath a yellow sun.
We walked the land together, you and I
And never knew what future days would bring.
Will you often think of me
When flowers burst forth each year?
When the earth begins to grow again?
Some say death is so final
But my love for you can never die.
Just as the sun once warmed our hearts
let this love touch you some night
When I am gone and loneliness comes~
Before the dawn begins to scatter your dreams away.
Summer and I never knew a bird
Could sing so sweet and clear
Until they told me I must leave you for awhile
I never knew the sky could be so deep a blue
Until I knew I could not grow old with you
But better to be loved by you
Than to have lived a million summers
And never known your love.
Together, let us, you and I
Remember the days and nights for eternity.
Fall, and as the earth begins to die
And the leaves turn golden-brown upon the trees
Remember me, too, in Autumn, for I will walk with you
As of old, along a city sidewalk at evening-time
Though I cannot hold you by the hand.
Winter, and perhaps someday there may be
Another fireplace another room
With crackling fire and fragrant smoke
And turning, suddenly, we will be together
And I will hear your laughter
And hold you close to me again
But until then, if loneliness should see you out
Some winter night, when snow is falling down
Remember, though death has come to me
My love will never go away.
~Orville Kelly

Blogger Charlotte said...
Oh Kate, How much I know how very hard helping Grady on his way to the Rainbow Bridge was for you. My arms are around you in this time of loss of the wonderful and dear friend that Grady was in your life.
Charlotte McCabe
Buddie's Mom from Flag
April 2, 2009 at 6:54 PM
Blogger kathy kusnierczyk said...
hello my friend grady, this is jake. I am welcoming you to my home with open paws. I have missed you and my friends and family but waited patiently for your arrival. it is time again for us to run, play, steal each others stuffed monkeys and to sit together in the warm light of heaven. together we will watch over and protect our loved ones. this place is wonderful. no pain, no soreness. you will feel like a young pup with all kinds of energy. they treat us well, filled water bowls, lots of toys, soft clouds to sleep on. we even have some super natural powers to see our humans and send them good vibrations to protect them like we did on earth. i am so glad we will be togther. I know you will miss your human as she does you, but in time you will be together again. but for now my dear friend grady its great to be together again......Jake
April 3, 2009 at 6:37 AM

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