Friday, August 22, 2008

Au Naturelle

Do you know when I love you the most?
When you are laughing so hard
That you can't stop.

That is when you are most yourself.
Free of inhibitions
And the driving force within
That makes you feel
The need to be perfect.

Now that I've told you,
Maybe I've taken away
Your freedom to do that

Excerpted from the book, "One Heart's Journey" 

Thursday, April 3, 2008

FRANKLy Speaking

The strength of human will
Is stronger than anything
That can happen to it.

This phenomenon of nature holds true.
As the strongest winds blow
So the seedling is strengthened.

When I think of the wisdom and the resiliency
Of Victor Frankl at Auschwitz,
I am much better able to tolerate

The foul smelling woman
Who sits beside me
On the way to Penn Station.

Excerpted from the book, "One Heart's Journey" 

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